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Pedal Toys - Cars - Fire Trucks - Planes - Trikes

Model T Gold Pedal Car Pedal Cars & other Pedal Toys - FREE SHIPPING!!!

Pedal cars are often our first exposure to America's fascination with the automobile.

Every kid dreams about their first car and every adult looks back fondly at their first ride. But for most of us, our first experience driving a car is almost always the pedal car.

Today, the pedal car, like many other classic toys, has become a collector's item fostering numerous clubs, books and magazines. Even museums now feature antique pedal cars as part of continuing or touring exhibits.

The pedal car is the kind of toy that all of us wished for as a kid. It is so evocative of our childhood, that most of us are overcome with a flood of memories and emotions from the past when we come across these pedal toys.

Whether you are a kid, a kid-at-heart or a toy collector, one look at these classic styled pedal cars, fire trucks, racing cars, airplanes and tricycles makes you yearn for the simpler times of your youth.

Pedal car designs often reflect their individual decade's romance with the auto and with the need for speed. Pedal car manufacturers like Gendron - one of the true pioneers in the field - even hired important car designers to give their pedal cars - like Gendron's 1940 Pioneer Roadster, a streamlined style evoking a feeling of power and speed..

In the 1950's pedal cars were such an icon of popular culture that they were widely featured in advertising. Today, a custom pedal car can cost as much as $4000 and antique styled replicas of classic pedal cars range in price from approximately $150 to as much as $1000 - while authentic, licensed Bentley and Bugati designs cost almost $9000 each.

Our search for pedal cars and other pedal toys concluded with our selection of the following great products. Each is brand new - but evokes the magic of classic designs from yester-year and each metal car, plane, trike, tricycle and firetruck can be handed down from generation to generation - an heirloom gift that transcends time, brings families together and puts a smile on young and old alike.

Pedal toy cars - firetrucks - planes - trikes. Antique classic style - Modern technology.

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Our choices for the best metal pedal toy cars and other pedal toys...
 Jalopy Pedal Car
 Jalopy Fire Truck
 Jalopy Tow Truck Pedal Car
 Fire Truck Pedal Car
 Model T Fire Truck
 Model T Pedal Car
 Model T Gold Limited Edition
 Pedal Car Racer
 Pedal Car Racer "Chrome
 Pretty In Pink
 Pedal Car Taxi
 Police Car
 Green Estate Wagon
 Pink Estate Wagon
 Sky King Tricycle Princess
 Sky King Tricycle Red
 Sky King Tricycle "Road Hog
 Pedal Plane "Silver Pursuit
 Yellow Jacket
 Sky King Plane